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- All prices on here are a guidline. Any part that requires extra preperation will incur further  - costs.  Send photos of your parts to us and we will price the job for you. 

- Orthotic pieces, phone for prices.

- Prosthetic limbs, phone for prices.  

- Engine covers from £180 (e.g Audi RS etc)

- 4 Alloy wheels full strip, blast, powder coat, hydro dip and clear-coat including removal

- and refit tyres, new valves and wheel balance £800. 

- Spoilers from £80 for small lip type, example - boot lid edge type.

- Splitters from £125 for small size.

- Splitters large size e.g. BMW, Audi, Transit sport etc £180.   

- Dash pieces from £30 (small items) example - polo vent surround.

- Wiper arms £60 pair.

- Air filter box from £85.

- Fuse box lid from £35.

- Fan shroud from £120.

- BMW sill panels in Carbon "M Performance" style £360 pair. ...Special offer !!!! 

- BMW mirrors £160 pair.

- Rear Diffusers £160. e.g. Audi, BMW etc 

- Trim pieces from £30 (small items) example - inner door handle finishers.

- Mirror covers £160 pair (e.g Vauxhall Astra, VW Golf, Audi, BMW, Fiesta) All £160 pair

- BMW centre grilles £185 including remove and refit bumper  ....Special offer !!!!  

- Door handles for 4 door car, full set £130.

- Rocker covers from £150 (e.g Vauxhall Corsa). Up to £240 for complex tripple dip parts.

- Wind deflectors £90 per pair. 

- Racing seat backs £180 each.

- Bonnet vents £80 per pair.

- BMW full set of dash plastics, gear console, door trim sections £420.

- Motorbike tanks, ring for prices.

- Escort Mk2 rear bumper in carbon £140.

- Escort Mk2 front quarter bumpers £70 each.

- Helmets, ring for prices. 

- Side casings from £80 to £130 e.g Harley Davidson.

- Scooter side panels from £235 each. 

- Mudguards £120 example - Fireblade, R1 etc. 

- Huggers from £85 type such as Fireblade.

- Chain guards from £60.

- Game controllers £40.

- Musical instrument case from £160.

- Motorbike wheels £160 each. Prices are for wheels without tyres.

- Guitar bodies from £140 (per side).

- Mountain bike frames from £180.

- Handlebars from £50.

- Front forks from £80.

- Archery Bow Riser £160.

- Gun stocks start from £180. 

- Air conditioning overhead units £240. 

- Household items such as Speaker cabinets, Drawer fronts, Lap-top covers, 

- Picture frames, Cycle helmets, Lamp shades, Hard hats, Welding masks, etc etc etc...

- Basically any item made from all Metal types, Plastics, Hard woods, glass fibre etc.  


* All prices quoted are for loose items i.e Parts removed and refitted by customer.

* If you require us to remove and refit parts this will be priced extra.


* Prices are for guidance only and are dependent on condition, size and colours

* If an item can be painted and it fits in our 2.5m tank then it can be dipped. 



The possibilites are endless 

If you want Perfection give us a call, we are the UK,s Number #1 Hydro Dipping Company


Contact Chris on 07802168166

email customhydro@hotmail.com to discuss your requirements

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